A (new) hobby Programmer Website

Freshly recreated, this is my new website where I document my projects and general stuff that people might be interested in. The page needs to grow again after being down for almost a whole year. I had to take the website down after it was hacked by Google-Drive scammers.

First thing for now: re-discover what WordPress has to offer – the last version I was using was Version 2.XXX – time to rediscover those code highlighting plugins etc…

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  1. Thank you so much for the recent update to your plugin! I use this all the time on several private-member-0nly client sites. What I would really love… is a way to automatically generate the autologin link without having to click for every user. Is that possible? Can I tweak the code to do this? Please advise.

  2. Hello Pamela!

    Good to hear that you find the plugin useful. The feature that you ask for should be fairly easy to add, but I will not add this to the plugin itself because of security issues for general users.

    Anyway, to do what you want you need to do two things:
    1) Move and translate the pkg_autologin_generate_new_code from autologin-admin.js to PHP
    2) Adding an autologin link to a user on the PHP-side is as easy as writing the appropriate metadata for the user to the database, e.g.:

    add_user_meta($user_id, PKG_AUTOLOGIN_USER_META_KEY, pkg_autologin_generate_new_code(), True)

    If you place a command along these lines in an action handler for the action ‘user_register’, the plugin will add an autologin code for each new registered user which will be immediately useable.

    If you want to retrofit keys to already installed websites it gets more complicated though because you need to iterate over all registered users, you will need a trigger to start the action etc…

    I hope these are enough pointers to get you started.


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